Kainos – temem



Monthly fee for education and care services in 2024-2025:

EUR 600 in primary school and preschool group from 8 am-4 pm (from September till Summer Camp).

*You can attend an extended day class for an additional fee (from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., from September 1 to June 6) - 80 EUR/month.

The price of a full day for the summer camp (June and July, time from 8:00 to 6:00 pm) and vacation time (August) is 600 EUR.

 The fee includes:
• education in the Lithuanian language according to the Preschool / pre-school education and general primary education programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture,
• English language, mathematics, knowledge of the world according to the Cambridge primary education program,
• educational activities supplementing the educational plan,


Admission fee – 450 EUR.

This is a one-time and non-refundable fee paid when a child is admitted to school.

The annual fee for the facilities is EUR 200 from the second year of attendance.

Other Fees:

  • Extended day group with clubs - 80 EUR (if ordered). Evening clubs led by our school teachers are included in the price.
  • If you attend only 2 days and only the ensemble or the other 2 clubs - the fee is 50 EUR.
  • If you attend only 1 day and only 1 group - the fee is 30 EUR (e.g. only ballet).
  • School's uniform.
  • Field trips (transportation, tickets).
  • Additional optional activities: swimming pool, robotics, piano.
  • Meals (if ordered).


120 EUR/month is granted according to the procedure established by the Vilnius City Municipality. compensation for parents whose pre-school children attend private schools. Compensation is granted only to children of families registered in the city of Vilnius.
10 % for the 2nd child of one family



Our school offers organic, quality food grown by local farmers.
You can order breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. The price depends on your choice.
The fee for meals is EUR 8.90 per day for breakfast - EUR 1,60, lunch - EUR 5.00 and dinner - EUR 2.30.

The price of meals for children with allergies is plus 20 percent. The fee is calculated at the end of the month according to the days attended by the child.